In service to the king

002- Enemies of the state
Having dealt with the zombies, The party proceeds further to try and uncover the plot to kill the king.
001- The Processional
The Kings army is comming to the town of LeNair

Spy’s have reported to the Grand commander that there is a plot to assassinate the King upon his arival in LeNair. The Grand commander, after failing to convince the king to go around Le Nair, decided to send Donaar ahead of the king to LeNair. Donaar set out at once with his dwarven friend Thoradin and Immortes a changling rogue. Together they headed east to the enlist Taxina and Naerwen whom were on assignment in the wildlands south of LeNair. Having mustered his force he set off for the city.

Upon reaching the outskirts, the party decided to head to the Bronze Drake Inn, a place they often frequent while in these parts. They approached the inn in the late evening and the common room was packed with usuals. The Innkeeper,Joven, greets them with surprise and a wide smile as they enter. After initial greetings are given, Joven explains that while he has not heard anything about the king, there is a halforc in his inn boasting about his endurance. Joven goes on to explain, with a twinkle in his eye, that he would love for someone to best him. Always up for a challenge, at least when it comes to drinking, Thoradin agreed and took his seat at the bar. As Joven called out the challenge, people crowded around, and a large half-orc stomped his way down the stairs and sat smirking at Thoradin. Pints were poured and pounded back by each contestant in turn. At five pints both were doing well and the bartender started pulling pints from a different barrel. 3 pints later Thoradin was starting to feel the effects as he wobbled back and forth on his seat. As he tilted back his 9th mug he looked back down to see his opponent throwing his head back to down his 9th, but the ale just went down his jerkin and he tumbled back off his seat landing with a thud on the floor. As the crowd filtered out Donaar made his way into the back room of the inn. A few moments later, Joven entered and offered to get him a drink. Donaar politely declined and asked again if anything had been heard about the King. Joven declined, but as he left, Donaar notice Joven drop a small object to the ground. After he was alone, he retrieved it and inspected it. It was a small parchment like substance which contained an address for the other side of town. Donaar headed out motioning to his friends in the common room to follow. Immortes was absent, however, as it seems he slipped out during the contest. The four party members rented a room and retired from the common room to discuss things. An hour later Immortes slipped in through the window into their room and explained that there was rumors among the streets of an orc being spotted in town, but nothing confirmed by anyone of certifiable mental health. Donaar showed him the parchment he had found and Immortes disappeared out the window into the night. He headed to that side of town and scouted the area. The house indicated seemed normal from the outside. He decided to check the surrounding area and found that the owner of the house had vanished about a week ago. A halfling had gone in through a window for a second story job, but hasn’t been seen again either. The thieves guild has ruled it unsafe and everyone else has left it alone. After his recon, he headed back to the Bronze Dragon. After his return the party set out the back of the inn and stuck the the back alleys.
They approached the house and entered through the second floor. There was no sign of struggle and a small amount of dust had gathered on items around the house, but the 1st floor was completely empty except for furniture and had been swept clean. Naerwen detected a magical resonance coming from the back of the house underground. They found an entrance to a celar in the back of the house and entered. At the bottom of the landing a hallway lead further back. At the end of the hallway stood a statue of a dragon with an orb in each talon. Both orbs glowed faintly in the light from the torches that lined the walls. Immortes reached up to touch one orb, but as his hand reached it the orb grew dark and was cold to the touch. Tax reached and touched the other with similar results. Immortes took his had away and the light on his orb grew back. Tax then touched it with his other hand and with a slight grinding noise a section of wall retracted leading to a spiral staircase heading even further down.
The party headed down this new hall and rounded the corner and came to a grate in the floor. At the bottom a drain sat about 3feet down. Tax took out his rope and tied it to an arrow and shot down the hall, but with a clatter the arrow fell telling him that it was made of stone or similar material. Pulling the rope back he tied it around Thoradin and told him to cross the grate. As he walked across the grate, it sprang open and he plummeted down through the floor and the now-apparent image of the drain and into a pit full of snakes. After proceeding over the pit and disabling the trap the party continues on. The hallway comes to an end at a large door. The party decides to have Naerwen use mage hand to open the door. As the door opens, the hallway comes alive with multiple nozzels that protrude from the floor and walls. Reacting quickly Immortes and Tax jump out of the way as flames shoot out from nozzles. Naewen had been standing back far enough to avoid immolation, but Thoradin got hit as he tried to duck below a nozzle. The party then rushed through the door to avoid further damage. They found themselves in a room full of zombies and a cold chill permeated the room. Immortes and Tax went right to work stabbing and shooting as Naerwen provided cover. Thoradin and Donaar worked in tandem to provide a bulwark of defense for the others and soon zombies were falling. As the first one fell, the intense cold in the room seemed to dramatically receded. The second one fell and the party seemed to be gaining momentum, but soon after the second one had fallen, it stood back up and began pressing Thoradin again. Dismayed at the sudden loss of ground, Donaar charged in again knocking it to the ground again. Naerwen, knowing now that they must be regenerating damage decided to launch a fire attack to incinerate it. Upon contact the fire ran rampant across the zombie and it let out a heart piercing shriek as it dissinegrated to ash. Having discovered the weakness the party recovered and soon all the zombies had been dealt with. Having emerged victorious, the party took a short time to rest and recover their strength.

000- The Prelude
An intro to the campaign

This intro serves to outline some basic info about the setting and back story of the campaign.

Dwarfs: The dwarfs stick to themselves mostly and don’t travel far, they openly trade with their human allies and the occasional dragon born. Each city is it’s own self contained country and is each connected by both above ground roads and underground dwarven highways. The three main cities are named after their founder/kings: Thagstone, Davak, and Gardain. Tordan is also a dwarf city, but is looked down upon by other dwarfs. The dwarfs of Tordan moved south and claim to live a more “progressive life” having open air towns as well as underground ones and openly trading with humans and elves alike. They also are a key supplier to the southern kingdom of Mikal and the dragon born fortress of Rhasgar.

Elves: The elves are mainly found in the wetwoods along the coast. They are also found in smaller numbers along the southern parts of the shiver woods and in the south woods along the Heian river and its tributaries. While most of these elves live in small mobile settlements, they do have two major cities out on the plains. Therin sits to the west of Rhasgar on the coast and is the central hub of the elven military. Aelar sits south of Rivermouth on the edge of the wetwoods. A center of trade and elven culture many humans come here to learn of the elf culture and seek diplomacy with the treefolk.

Dragon born: the dragon born, like most other races, have integrated themselves among the humans. They do, however have 2 strongholds and many outposts along the marshes. Nadarr sits on the northern edge and Rhasgar sits on the southern edge. Both fortresses seek to contain the creatures of the marsh and every dragon born who is able serves a tour at least once in his life at one of these outposts in honor of Bahamut.

While most have succumbed to their savage nature and dwell west of the mountains, few have overcome their savagery and submitted to discipline. These gentle giants sought refuge in the mountains and built the Platinum Halls, a fortress in honor to Bahamut. While some venture down the mountain, most stay and train as priests to their god and teach the ways of discipline to many.

The humans consist of two kingdoms, Kensington to the north and Mikalton to the south. They are not hostile, but they remain separate. The human towns are filled with a diverse culture of many races.

while most halflings inhabbit human cities and villages, Lazam, the alledged leader of the halfing cartel has built a trade port off the coast of south core. The isle of balisar is an open port, but best watch your step. It is said that anyone sailing the strait of balisar with out the cartels protection has never made it to the other side.


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