In service to the king

000- The Prelude

An intro to the campaign

This intro serves to outline some basic info about the setting and back story of the campaign.

Dwarfs: The dwarfs stick to themselves mostly and don’t travel far, they openly trade with their human allies and the occasional dragon born. Each city is it’s own self contained country and is each connected by both above ground roads and underground dwarven highways. The three main cities are named after their founder/kings: Thagstone, Davak, and Gardain. Tordan is also a dwarf city, but is looked down upon by other dwarfs. The dwarfs of Tordan moved south and claim to live a more “progressive life” having open air towns as well as underground ones and openly trading with humans and elves alike. They also are a key supplier to the southern kingdom of Mikal and the dragon born fortress of Rhasgar.

Elves: The elves are mainly found in the wetwoods along the coast. They are also found in smaller numbers along the southern parts of the shiver woods and in the south woods along the Heian river and its tributaries. While most of these elves live in small mobile settlements, they do have two major cities out on the plains. Therin sits to the west of Rhasgar on the coast and is the central hub of the elven military. Aelar sits south of Rivermouth on the edge of the wetwoods. A center of trade and elven culture many humans come here to learn of the elf culture and seek diplomacy with the treefolk.

Dragon born: the dragon born, like most other races, have integrated themselves among the humans. They do, however have 2 strongholds and many outposts along the marshes. Nadarr sits on the northern edge and Rhasgar sits on the southern edge. Both fortresses seek to contain the creatures of the marsh and every dragon born who is able serves a tour at least once in his life at one of these outposts in honor of Bahamut.

While most have succumbed to their savage nature and dwell west of the mountains, few have overcome their savagery and submitted to discipline. These gentle giants sought refuge in the mountains and built the Platinum Halls, a fortress in honor to Bahamut. While some venture down the mountain, most stay and train as priests to their god and teach the ways of discipline to many.

The humans consist of two kingdoms, Kensington to the north and Mikalton to the south. They are not hostile, but they remain separate. The human towns are filled with a diverse culture of many races.

while most halflings inhabbit human cities and villages, Lazam, the alledged leader of the halfing cartel has built a trade port off the coast of south core. The isle of balisar is an open port, but best watch your step. It is said that anyone sailing the strait of balisar with out the cartels protection has never made it to the other side.


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